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Why Choose Northern Hearing?

Locally Owned and Operated:  Everybody is seen by the owner of the clinic, not by someone who is simply "punching the clock" - someone with a vested interest in providing the best possible care and attention to you.  

Give Back to the Community: Part of the community, we are intent on building meaningful relationships.  We give back to the community with donations to the local hospital, community events, and student activities.

Unmatched Experience and Qualifications: Leelan Pearson is a qualified university trained audiologist with a lifetime of experience, with both parents being in the industry and owning hearing clinics of their own.  Our hearing aid dispenser is born and raised in Kenora and has worked in the hearing healthcare field for over 30 years.

Unmatched Personalized Care: Northern Hearing is not owned by a manufacturer.  We deal with all major hearing aid manufacturers, which allows us to find the best hearing aid for the patient.  This allows us to find a customized solution based on the individuals needs and wants (ex. vision, dexterity, aesthetics, technology, simplicity, etc.)

Affordability: Our prices are lower then competitor SALE prices. People who price shop in Winnipeg are always amazed at how much lower the hearing aid prices are at Northern Hearing.  In addition, we do not charge for any hearing aid services for one year after a hearing aid purchase.  This is why our customers are so successful with their new hearing aids.

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