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We supply all styles of the latest and most technologically advanced hearing aids and assistive listening devices. 
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Hearing Aid Manufacturers



  • Sivantos Signia (formerly Siemens)

  • Unitron

  • Phonak

  • ReSound

  • Bernafon

  • Starkey

  • Oticon

  • Widex

Assistive Listening Devices

  • Amplified Telephones

  • TV Listening Devices

  • Alarm Clocks for Hard of Hearing

  • Signalling Devices

  • Smoke Alarms

  • FM Systems

  • Bluetooth Devices

Did you know that you can use your smartphone to control your hearing aids programs, volume, microphone direction, treble, bass, and more?  Visit us at Northern Hearing so we can customize your hearing experience based on your needs and listening environments.

We stock only the highest quality products from the most respected manufacturers. All products are guaranteed with a 90 day trial period
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